Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is a successful career anyway?

Some interesting moves today after the close... moves that made me think about the difference between being famous or infamous.

First, Ken Lewis announced his retirement from Bank of America as of the end of this year. The stock immediately rose in after hours trading, even though Cuomo says he's still coming after BoA. How humilitating it must be to know that investors think your company will be better off without you. Ken Lewis had a huge part in building up the financial supermarket concept... and yet all he'll be remembered for is his flame out at the end.

At least that's better than John Thain's fate - he'll always be the guy with a penchant for decorating... and an exquisite commode. Oh yeah, and didn't he do something in the investment business too?

Michael Vick, on the other hand, was given yet another shot at redemption today. Nike has decided to take what I hope is an educated gamble on Vick... again. This could either be very very good for them... or end in a greater-than-Thainsian blaze of glory.

At least this business is never boring.

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