Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's Go Shopping!

For many years now, my job has been finding good investments in consumer stocks. Finding good investments in the consumer-related stocks has always been difficult, but today it feels hopeless. You might not have noticed, but if you are a consumer this economy probably isn't your friend, and that is translating into pain beyond measure in many of the retail stocks.

Retail is in my blood: my dad worked in retail from before I was born, and a Saturday of quality time with dad used to translate to walking stores with a clipboard evaluating everything from merchandising to cleanliness to customer service. Grandma was in retail too, and I blame her for my well developed sense of wardrobe entitlement (i.e. big and full closet). My husband will attest that I spend copious amounts of time at the mall, and I'm on a first name basis with way too many sales clerks.

Beyond that, I've made my living in the investment world for over 20 years. I've worked on strategies that were focused on growth, value, growth-at-a-reasonable-price, quantitative analysis, large cap, small cap, mid cap, domestic securities, and international investments. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt in six colors and three sizes.

I look forward to opening up a dialogue with anyone that might want to discuss what I'll be putting out as fodder.

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